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Episode 1: Demystifying Asana


Up Next in Demystifying the Teachings of Yoga

  • Episode 2: Demystifying Pranayama

    The power of yogic pranayama, or breath practices, expands exponentially when we appreciate the significance of the breath as it has been venerated in world wisdom traditions. Learning to regard this substrate of consciousness as sacred sanctifies all perceptions, imbuing ordinary experiences wit...

  • Episode 3: Demystifying Samadhi

    Demystifying Samadhi: The Unitive State

    Lets remove imaginary obstacles from our rightful access to that state known by such names as Samadhi, Nirvana, Kingdom of Heaven, Liberation and so many more. Of what use are arguments about how these terms are defined or how they differ, when in truth...

  • Episode 4: Demystifying Detachment an...

    The idea of renunciation can be very intimidating and mistakenly construed as a matter of will power and epic self- denial. Ultimately the purpose of detachment is not to abandon the enjoyment of the senses but to firmly renounce the sense of identification with anything which is temporary. In re...