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Episode 4: Demystifying Detachment and Renunciation

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Demystifying the Teachings of Yoga

Episode 3: Demystifying Samadhi


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  • Episode 4: Demystifying Detachment an...

    The idea of renunciation can be very intimidating and mistakenly construed as a matter of will power and epic self- denial. Ultimately the purpose of detachment is not to abandon the enjoyment of the senses but to firmly renounce the sense of identification with anything which is temporary. In re...

  • Episode 5: Demystifying Devotion

    Demystifying Devotion: the Bhakti Path

    The greatest accelerant as well as the greatest thrill on the enlightenment path is the ecstasy of love. Besides being good for your health, it can be said that love is the means as well as the goal of spiritual processes. However, the very vagueness and ...

  • Episode 6: Demystifying Siddhis

    Demystifying Siddhis: Miraculous Yogic Powers

    Are accounts of miraculous powers, known as siddhis, merely the imaginings of gullible seekers, or are these potential capacities naturally developing in the course of human evolution? In the mind-training process known as Self realization, the bou...