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Episode 6: Demystifying Siddhis

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Demystifying the Teachings of Yoga

Episode 5: Demystifying Devotion


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  • Episode 6: Demystifying Siddhis

    Demystifying Siddhis: Miraculous Yogic Powers

    Are accounts of miraculous powers, known as siddhis, merely the imaginings of gullible seekers, or are these potential capacities naturally developing in the course of human evolution? In the mind-training process known as Self realization, the bou...

  • Episode 8: Demystifying the Guru

    In the world’s mystical traditions, the Guru is an enlightening, organizing principle and a key mechanism allowing the painful limitations of transient egoic identity to be shed. As a transitional object, the Guru is the chosen form that becomes a threshold to the formless absolute. As such, it ...