Four Yogas

Four Yogas

5 Episodes

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Four Yogas
  • Episode 4: Raja Yoga

    Episode 1

  • Episode 3: Jnana Yoga

    Episode 2

  • Episode 2: Bhakti Yoga

    Episode 3

    Join Mary as she explores bhakti yoga. Taking an interdisciplinary and interspiritual approach to the topic, Mary's style is to integrate the perspectives of many different traditions of knowledge, from science to ancient contemplative traditions. The result is a life-affirming picture of modern ...

  • Trailer: Four Yogas

    Episode 4

    Join Mary as she explores the "four yoga": Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma yoga, Raja Yoga.

  • Episode 1: Karma Yoga

    Episode 5

    Join Mary as she explores karma yoga. She integrates scientific knowledge about the nervous system into a comprehensive look at this practice, and offers a breath practice at the end to help ground material.