Kirtan at Home with Nina Rao

Kirtan at Home with Nina Rao

8 Episodes

This is an experiential program in chanting the names of the Divine from the Indian tradition. Chanting of these Names creates a devotional space for your hearts to open into. As we follow the simple practice of listening to the call, and singing the response we allow for the waves on the surface of our mind to calm so that we might immerse into the depths of the stillness within that is unperturbed by the winds and waves. This equanimous space of unconditional Love that is not received or given, but just IS, exists within each one of us. Spiritual practice using mantra is the instrument for clearing the mind and opening the heart. Like any practice it must be done with some amount of discipline and regularity for the beneficial effects. In each episode, Nina will talk a little about the practice but most of the time is spent in the chanting practice where she leads the chant and the viewer can sing along with the music. In this season we will practice repetition of mantra with melody and music with Nina on harmonium, accompanied by Arjun Bruggeman on tabla.

Kirtan at Home with Nina Rao
  • Episode 1: Mantra - Sita Ram

    Episode 1

    Where did these Divine Names or mantras that we chant in kirtan come from? What is satsang and how does is it beneficial to practice in sacred community? Why do we practice? What is bhakti or devotion?

    In the episode, Nina provides a little background on “Sita Ram”, the Divine beings from the ...

  • Episode 3: Mantra - Om Namah Shivaya

    Episode 2

    How is Shiva the destroyer?

    In this episode we explore Shiva, the unshakeable and formless, as an aspect of the holy trinity including Brahma and Vishnu. As well as the feminine aspect of Shiva as Shakti and their union.

    Join the chanting of this mantra and learn the importance of repetiti...

  • Episode 8: Mantra - Prayer to Ganesha

    Episode 3

    vināyakā vināyakā
    vishvā dhāra vināyaka
    siddhi vināyaka bhava bhāya nāśā
    suramuṇi vandīta śrī gaṇeśa

    In this episode, Nina shares about the elephant-headed god and remover of obstacles within ourselves, Ganesha. She also shares a story of learning this bhajan as a young girl fr...

  • Episode 2: Mantra - Hare Krishna Hare Rama

    Episode 4

    Mantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

    How do we set our intention to do practice? What melody do we use to chant these mantras? Who can do this chant practice? Where Nina heard this mantra first? How did this mantra become a widely ...

  • Episode 4: Mantra - Sarasvati Chant

    Episode 5

    Mantra: Namastaye Mata Sarasvati Sharade Devi
    Om Narayani Om
    Om aim Sarasvatye Namah

    namastasye māta sarasvatī śārade devī
    nārāyanī om
    om aim sarasvatye namah
    In this episode, Nina gives a visual description of Devī as Sarasvatī, the goddess of practice and true wisdom, and her aspect...

  • Episode 5: Mantra - Pati Hare

    Episode 6

    śiva śankara hare girijā pati hare
    rāma rāghava hare, jānakī pati hare
    krṣṇa keśava hare, rukmini pati hare

    In this episode, Nina shares where she learned this chant from and the symbolic meanings behind the words. Also, learn the aspects of the Names chanted in this prayer and ho...

  • Episode 6: Mantra - Devi Pranāmah

    Episode 7

    śri mā jai mā jai jai mā
    jaya jagatambe mā durgā
    mahādevi lalitā
    cāmunde kāli durgā mā
    ambīke kāli durgā mā
    bhairavi jagat tārini mā
    tripurā sundarī padmā
    jagat janani jagatambā

    Who is Durga? What are her weapons for? Why do we pray to the Goddess? Who are the demons she ...

  • Episode 7: Mantra - In-Dwelling Presence and Sustainer of Life, Viṣṇu

    Episode 8

    om namo bhagavate vāsudevāya 
    om namo nārāyaṇāya

    In this Episode, Nina shares a story about Badrinath temple in the Himalayas and the temple’s practice of abhisheka. She also shares the 1,000 Names of Vishnu, as well as Vishnu being the Sustainer of Life and ...