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Episode 5: Mantra - Pati Hare

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Kirtan at Home with Nina Rao

Episode 4: Mantra - Sarasvati Chant


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  • Episode 5: Mantra - Pati Hare

    śiva śankara hare girijā pati hare
    rāma rāghava hare, jānakī pati hare
    krṣṇa keśava hare, rukmini pati hare

    In this episode, Nina shares where she learned this chant from and the symbolic meanings behind the words. Also, learn the aspects of the Names chanted in this prayer and ho...

  • Episode 6: Mantra - Devi Pranāmah

    śri mā jai mā jai jai mā
    jaya jagatambe mā durgā
    mahādevi lalitā
    cāmunde kāli durgā mā
    ambīke kāli durgā mā
    bhairavi jagat tārini mā
    tripurā sundarī padmā
    jagat janani jagatambā

    Who is Durga? What are her weapons for? Why do we pray to the Goddess? Who are the demons she ...

  • Episode 7: Mantra - In-Dwelling Prese...

    om namo bhagavate vāsudevāya 
    om namo nārāyaṇāya

    In this Episode, Nina shares a story about Badrinath temple in the Himalayas and the temple’s practice of abhisheka. She also shares the 1,000 Names of Vishnu, as well as Vishnu being the Sustainer of Life and ...