Metta Meditation with Oneika Mays

Metta Meditation with Oneika Mays

7 Episodes

Metta Meditation with Oneika Mays
  • Episode 1: Finding Compassion: Introduction to Metta

    Episode 1

    Get started by exploring the history of this Metta of Meditation. This session will be an introduction to the metta practice and the entire season. We learn about the history fo Metta and end with a full practice.

  • Episode 2: Metta and the Self

    Episode 2

    What happens when we can meet ourselves in the moment with whatever is there and offer ourselves tenderness without exception. In this episode we will discuss and practice Metta and the self.

  • Episode 3: Metta and the Loved One

    Episode 3

    In this episode we’ll explore Metta and the Loved One. When we offer compassion to a loved one we can open up compassion to our own spirit.

  • Episode 4: Metta and the Familiar Stranger

    Episode 4

    There’s lots to work with when it comes to people we love, ourselves and even a difficult person. There's a juiciness there and it gives us a starting point. However, itt can feel challenging to tap into compassion for the person we see regularly but don’t know. Welcome to Metta and the familiar...

  • Episode 5: Metta and the Difficult Person

    Episode 5

    Offering compassion to someone we’re having a struggle with may seem like an impossible task. In this episode we’ll dive deeper into aspects of what disconnects us from other people and ourselves.

  • Episode 6: What gets in the way

    Episode 6

    Of course we all want to be compassionate, but even with the best of intentions we get distracted and struggle. In this episode we’ll go over what these distractions are and how to work with them with a body scan where we will explore the different layers of the body.

  • Episode 7: Metta as a Visualization

    Episode 7

    Deeper discussion of the phrases and how creating imagery around the phrases can be a useful way ‘in’ to compassion. In this episode we’ll practice metta as a visualization.