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Episode 5: Metta and the Difficult Person

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Metta Meditation with Oneika Mays

Episode 4: Metta and the Familiar Stranger


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  • Episode 5: Metta and the Difficult Pe...

    Offering compassion to someone we’re having a struggle with may seem like an impossible task. In this episode we’ll dive deeper into aspects of what disconnects us from other people and ourselves.

  • Episode 6: What gets in the way

    Of course we all want to be compassionate, but even with the best of intentions we get distracted and struggle. In this episode we’ll go over what these distractions are and how to work with them with a body scan where we will explore the different layers of the body.

  • Episode 7: Metta as a Visualization

    Deeper discussion of the phrases and how creating imagery around the phrases can be a useful way ‘in’ to compassion. In this episode we’ll practice metta as a visualization.