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Chakras as the Yoke of Yoga

Radical Body: Nondual Tantra for Modern Life • 55m

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  • The Promise of Tantra

    Experiencing the fullness of life is tantra. Tantra enables us to experience this fullness by demolishing the wall that separates our mundane sensory experiences from the spiritual ones. Standing on the firm foundation of unitary consciousness, tantric practices empower us to acquire both bhoga (...

  • The Pathway to Freedom within Nondual...

    In this interview, Swami Khecaranathawill discusses the nondual understanding of kundalini as both the individuated expression of the Divine and the means to liberation. This will include a careful articulation of the dynamic relationship between Consciousness and energy, because the power inhere...

  • Following the Non-dual Path of the Di...

    Spiritual teacher and author Sally Kempton discusses non-dual Shakta tantra, the three ‘faces’ of spirit, and what it means to see the universe as Shakti. The program includes a powerful series of meditations on Goddess Lalita, as well as important teachings on deity practice itself.