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Why study Sanskrit?

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How to Talk about the Chakras

Yoga Philosophy • 1h 59m

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  • Why study Sanskrit?

    In this talk we'll cover some of the main reasons to study Sanskrit. We will discuss the differences between Eastern and Western approaches to learning the language and why it is helpful to integrate the two. It is also important to understand how many different possible translations there are fo...

  • Breath and Presence

    Being in the “Power of Now” is skillfully accomplished with breath techniques offered in the Yogic, Tibetan Buddhist and Zen traditions. There are specific pranayama techniques that reduce thinking about the past and future to establish attention in the here and now. In this talk, we will uncover...

  • Third Eye, Portal to the Wisdom Body

    In classical yoga, seeing is equated with knowing. In the body the mystical eye, located in the center brow, is considered the gateway to insight, vision and states of sublime meditation. This seeing does not involve outward looking, but inner perception with “the mind’s eye". In this presentatio...