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Why Study Sanskrit?

Yoga Philosophy • 1h 44m

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  • Vedic Chanting & the Art of Vibration

    In this talk, we will explore Vedic chanting through a brief tour of its vast and rich history and its unbroken, endearing tradition. We will also delve into a few of the basic rules of Vedic chanting. We will then learn to chant the exquisite Purusha Suktam from the Rig Veda - the oldest of the ...

  • Third Eye, Portal to the Wisdom Body

    In classical yoga, seeing is equated with knowing. In the body the mystical eye, located in the center brow, is considered the gateway to insight, vision and states of sublime meditation. This seeing does not involve outward looking, but inner perception with “the mind’s eye". In this presentatio...

  • Gravity as Therapy

    Much of yoga as in life involves learning to let go. In a yoga practice, the “corpse” pose, often the very last position and its corollary, yoga nidra or the yogic sleep, require a profound letting go. This process involves not only physical relaxation but a kind of psychic relinquishing. We lear...