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Yoga: Spirituality or Religion?

Yoga Philosophy • 1h 7m

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    Scholar of Tantrik Shaivism, Christopher Tompkins, shares with us his research into ancient medieval manuscripts that tell the story of a chakra system previously lost until now. Christopher's research offers some unique perspectives on the original nature of the chakras and the logic of kundalin...

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    As the architecture of the soul, the chakras describe the underlying psychic structure of of the yoke of yoga, showing how heaven and earth, mind and body, spirit and matter interpenetrate to span the full spectrum of human possibility. As wheels of energy, chakras are like gears that take us on...

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    Spiritual teacher and author Sally Kempton discusses non-dual Shakta tantra, the three ‘faces’ of spirit, and what it means to see the universe as Shakti. The program includes a powerful series of meditations on Goddess Lalita, as well as important teachings on deity practice itself.