Yoga with Gaby Colletta

Yoga with Gaby Colletta

2 Episodes

Gaby Colletta is a Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation Teacher with over 12 years of practice in integrative wellness and healing arts. She facilitates nature-based retreats, guides mind-body courses and coaches individuals on how to create an ecosystem of internal resources that increase resilience and uncover pathways to freedom. Her teachings weave together the Ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Buddhism and Tantra, alongside modern-day neuroscience and somatic psychology. Her asana classes are designed to deepen intimacy of self, strengthen intuition, inspire playful discovery and ground presence.

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Yoga with Gaby Colletta
  • Discipline and Freedom (45 Minute Class)

    Episode 1

  • Sama Agni - Balancing Digestive Fire (30 Minutes)

    Episode 2

    Enjoy a 30 minute mindful vinyasa intended to gently stoke the digestive fire - Agni. In this flow, we explore warming breath practices and twists to increase fire element, cleanse the body and help metabolize energetic build up. We move through grounding, hip openers to encourage apana vayu - th...