Embodyoga with Patty Townsend

Embodyoga with Patty Townsend

6 Episodes

Patty Townsend is a lifelong yoga student and teacher. Patty honed her skills with a small and powerful cadre of fellow practitioners in Los Angeles during the 1980s. Sharing excitement and creativity with those who became many of the major teachers of our time, Patty spent decades exploring the vigorous and alignment based systems of contemporary yoga.
In 2000 Patty began studying somatics with her current teacher and mentor, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Recognizing the profound implications of Bonnie's work for yoga, Patty dove in with wholehearted focus and determination. In uniting somatics and yoga Patty offers tools for living our full humanity while maintaining a direct and embodied connection to Source. Patty presents this work with clarity, wisdom and humor.

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Embodyoga with Patty Townsend
  • Moving from your Gut (35 Minute Class)

    Episode 1

    Get to know the intelligence and power of your gut! Explore consciousness and movement from this beautiful central hub. Feel the extraordinary qualities of your gut's largest organ, the mesentery. Move, breathe, and explore.

  • Unified Whole Body Movement (1 Hour Class)

    Episode 2

    Putting it all together — weaving deep inquiry into asana practice. Use breath and movement to actively relate to earth and to explore the unified fluidity of the inner world. Weave consciousness and form into a satisfying experience of your humanity and your radiance.

  • Moving from the Spacious Spine (1 Hour Class)

    Episode 3

    Exploring our spines from the perspective of space brings insight into consciousness, movement, and structure. Open a new window into inhabiting core. Discover ways to relieve structural compression and to increase ease and comfort on all levels.

  • Yoga Interlude (15 Minute Class)

    Episode 4

    Cellular breathing, simple movement, and sweet release. Take a break from fragmentary thinking and return what is important and real. Release tension and grasping through breath, movement, and deeply attentive awareness.

  • Spiralic Heart and Lungs in Movement (30 Minute Class)

    Episode 5

    Learn to open your heart through softening and resting it into the support of the moving lungs. Discover freedom and ease in heart and lungs as we move and breathe together.

  • Ha-Tha Yoga (15 Minute Class)

    Episode 6

    Learn effective means for balancing the nervous system through skillfully executed breath and movement. Expanding, condensing, and yielding—creating restful alertness in body and mind. Simple and good.